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Golden Motor Canada Warranty and Assistance Policy
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Last Updated
1st of September, 2015

If you did not purchase your Product from Golden Motor Canada please contact the people you purchased your product from or try our forum                               

If you have purchased your product from Golden Motor Canada please proceed.

First off I am sorry to hear you are having an issue with one of our products.

To resolve a warranty issue please read and follow these steps.

1 - You must first create a support ticket, Please descibe your issue as well as possible.

      A Good Example is like this:

      "It is a Magic Pie 3 with GM 48v10ah Battery. My bike was working fine then suddenly it died.

       The lights on the throttle are still on but it will not go".

      A responce to this will likely come imediately as we dont have to look up what kit

      you have or ask what problem you are having. trouble shooting info can be sent

      without any further questions or research.

     A bad example like the following means nothing:

      "I have a problem, I called Gary on the phone and he told me to create a support


     A good responce will be delayed as no information was given to tell what the issue is.
     I will then have to ask what the issue is and this causes a delay.
     A responce can also be delayed
if you describe your issue but do not list what
     product you are have an issue with. I will either have to ask you what product you have
     or research it when time is available.

     PLease Note: If you already described your issue in email please paste it into a

     support ticket. We can not efficiently provide support through email. We simply

     get way to much email not to lose you.


2 - Please create your ticket by following this link:

     A responce to your support ticket will come quickly. You will most

     likely be asked to complete a few tests to determine the issue.

     Once we determine what is most likely the issue we will do one

     of two things. We will either send replacement parts or ask you

     to send items back for testing.




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