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    1 - Is it in stock? 2 - How much is the shipping? 3 - Whats included in a kit? 4 - How far can I go? 5 - Are there instructions? 6 - Whats the difference between kits? 7 - How do I resolve a warranty issue? 8 - How much resistance when peddling? 9 - What is inside a Golden Motor LiFePO4 battery? ...

  2. questionI just bought something recently and now it's on sale, can I get the sale price?
    Unfortunately the answer is no. Everytime I have a sale I get dozens of email like this. To get something on sale it must be purchased during the time the sale is on. If a coupon code s required to get the sale item then it must be entered at the time of sale. We put things on sale to drum up ex ...

  3. questionWhat if I forget or miss entering a coupon code?
    Coupon codes are intended for people that closely monitor the site and read the newsletters. Theses people rarely miss entering the code. If you missed entering it by accident rather then being unaware then send an email to imediatly. If your order has been marked as shi ...

  4. questionWhat are coupon codes?
    Golden Motor Canada has a coupon code system. If you would like to save money on products then please join our newsletter. All coupon codes are sent out in the newsletter. Some coupon codes are also announced on the website but not all! Most coupon codes expire in 24 to 48 hours so don't delay. ...

  5. questionCan I combine coupons with member or Dealer discounts?
    Golden Motor Canada has a coupon code system for discounts on our products. If you would like to save on items please join our newsletter to be notified of the coupon codes as they are not always announced on the website Please keep in mind we can not allow people to combine special offers. Wh ...

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