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'How much is the shipping?
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1st of January, 2017

Please note: Any order with a total of 400 or more (before taxes or shipping costs) that is shipping to Canada or USA will enable the option of free shipping via UPS standard when placing your order.

Otherwise to estimate the shipping cost is very simple.

Visit the website and add the desired items to your cart, View the cart and click "Estimate Shipping" You will then be asked to select your country and enter your postal code if applicable.

This is the estimate of the cost of shipping to your door.  If you live in Canada it will list the tax you will pay as well. There is no tax charged if you live outside of Canada.

Please note: If you are outside of Canada and any additional fees arise for any internationl reason like customs, brokerage,currier costs or any other additional costs to get the products to you they are your responsibility. The shipping cost paid only covers the cost of shipping, nothing else.

Here is more detailed description in pictures of how to determine shipping costs.











 Whatever the shipping cost given by the "shipping estimate tool" on the website is usually pretty accurate. 99 percent of the time it is correct, sometimes its more but rarely ever less. We usually try to ship with whatever the price the website quotes. If its to far off we contact the buyer for more money if needed. If they don't want to pay more we just refund them 100 percent.

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